Two young ladies in Richmond wanted a garden they could enjoy that was also very low maintenance. New Dawn designed a garden that requires minimal aftercare. The deck terrace (fully weed proof) provides a sunny position to sit and relax in. A place to enjoy a glass of wine after hard days work.

The stone cobble garden border means that the shaped lawn is permenant requiring very little strimming and no old fashioned cutting with a half moon edging iron.
The stones are literaly set so that they won’t sink or shift in time. The way they are set means that the lawn mower can mow right over them with out risk of the blades catching. the shed though rather scruffy was in reasonable condition and a goo lick of paint gave it a new lease of life without the customers have to fork out on a new one.

The willow screening covers up the untidy fencing leaving the customers with a lovely natural looking boundary at a very reasonable cost.